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What to Expect

Art in Motion is the only service that caters exclusively to artists. Based on our decades of experience, we know what it takes to transport your items safely and reliably to each show. We expertly handle delicate containers and treat every item as if it were fragile.  Mirrors are placed in padded crates and items are securely  packaged for transport on our trucks and for warehouse storage.


The process starts for us several months prior to each show. Billing is sent out 60 days before a show opens and payment is due 30 days before the show opens. We plan ahead to ensure there is adequate space in our trucks for all artists interested in attending the show. This time is also essential to allow for  scheduling pick up and delivery services for artists who are not storing with us.  We offer this in select areas for an additional fee.


Several days before the show, items in our warehouse are measured, weighed and labeled then secured on a pallet, in a crate or gaylord before being loaded into a truck. At this stage we can make changes to the items you would like to bring to a show.  The name of each artist and booth number are identified on labels which also contain the name of the show and total number of pieces.  This is done to expedite the delivery process at the show.  We are available by phone and email throughout the process to assist with any questions.

At the Show

Once our trucks arrive at the show, Art in Motion is the only service that delivers pallets directly to artists' booths. This personal touch is offered at no additional fee. 


 We are also very personable and readily available for all the artist needs.    And of course we almost always get a very big drayage discount which they would not get from other competitors who also often have to deal with the painful process of dealing with the show warehouses and warehouse fees. 


Once onsite, Hargrove’s goals are to ensure a flawless move-in of all requirements and an efficient response to all onsite requests.

Our dedication to quality, customer service and attention to detail is evident during the show.  Your Hargrove event manager is involved in the entire process and is onsite during move-in and move-out to assist your staff.

We ensure management areas are set up on time and we install our Hargrove Service Desk ahead of exhibitor move-in.  Meetings are held daily to track progress and quickly tackle any issues that arise.

As exhibitors begin to arrive, wireless envoy teams constantly monitor the floor to assist the exhibitors and handle any last-minute needs before the show opens.

Move Out

As the show draws to a close, our team oversees move-out to ensure it’s as organized as the move-in.  This includes maintaining complete control of the loading docks; careful handling of show management materials; and loading and shipping all equipment and supplies to either your office or Hargrove’s climate-controlled warehouse. 



Exhibitor Care

A Different Experience

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We provide you with:

Customized Service Experience

Because each show is unique, we customize our approach to fit your needs.  During planning, we analyze your show needs to determine staff levels during move-in, show and move-out. Exhibitor outreach via email and phone calls are scheduled based on your timeline and include the information you want to share, while our 24/7 customer service hours accommodate your international exhibitors.

Friendly Team

At Hargrove, you are not a number.  You work with the same team year after year, which means we not only know your exhibitors by name, but we have a relationship with them, too.  When they walk into our service area at the show, we meet with them to ensure they have what they need.

Proactive Approach

Before show, we reach out to each exhibitor by phone and email to learn their exhibit needs and remind them of deadlines. At show, our team moves through the show floor with a full-service mobile desk, or Envoy, that can quickly respond to their needs.


Hargrove works with all major shipping companies to offer your exhibitors the most competitive rates. We know which companies are best for specific circumstances based on geography, capacity and pricing. Our team monitors and tracks shipments to ensure on time arrival, and we never mark up rerouted shipments.