Our Cancellation Policy


The following cancellation fee will be charged should an Artist cancel transportation services:

• 29-22 days before show opens—cancel fee is $50

• 21-15 days before show opens—cancel fee is 25% of original invoice

• 14- 8 days before show opens—cancel fee is 50% of original invoice

• 7 - 1 days before show opens—cancel fee is 100% of original invoice


If you cancel service in one direction, 7 or more days before the show opens, but will still be using us in the other direction, we will not charge for the cancelled segment. Segments cancelled less than 7 days pre-show, will be charged full price.


If you have a large difference in material inbound or outbound, we ask that you give us that information 30 days before the show.


Storage can always be pro-rated. If you have paid in advance for a full year’s storage, but stop storing with us mid-year, we will provide a credit on  your account or send a refund.


Fees will be waived for factors not in the artist's control such as medical issues, blizzard,  theft or destruction of stock. We request immediate notification of any extenuating circumstances.