We accept payment by check or credit card. Information on each option is listed below. 

If you have not received an invoice from us for a show, please do not assume your items are on our truck.  With very few exceptions, all payments are due before the show opens. 


If you choose to pay by check, please mail in payment by the Early Bird date to our accounting office at PO Box  125, Hinesburg, VT  05461.

Postdated checks are no longer accepted.


• Early Bird price expires 30 days before a show opens
• If not paid by that date, $50.00 is added to the invoice to reflect normal prices
• Pricing 3 days after the show closes adds another $50.00, for a total of $100.00 in missed early bird fees

A Finance Charge of 1.5% will be applied monthly for open balances after 30 days.  

Credit Cards

You can use our Credit Card Payment Authorization form to fax information using 802-482-2712 or mail to PO Box 125, Hinesburg, VT  05461. You can also call us after you receive each invoice at 802-482-2711 to provide information by phone.

For your convenience, you can request we keep your credit card on file. This is done with the understanding, the card will be charged on the early bird date stated on the invoice. Invoices will still be emailed to you and you can contact us anytime before the early bird due date if you prefer to pay another way.

When your credit card has expired, we will note this on your invoice and request updated information. If your credit card is declined by our merchant processor, we will notify you.  

Please Note: Cancellation Policy